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Just Best Food

The vast spectrum of nature in the country makes an array of distinctive products at the heart of Iran with exclusive features of each product and its by products, sought for around the world. Just Best Food is here to connect fields to tastes at global scale.
The unique exotic taste of each product belonging to different regions of this vast historic land is a specialty of taste , color and life on local and international cuisines. This uniqueness is not limited to taste, it moves beyond, to health care and pharmaceutical usages inside and outside of our country.
Products such as Saffron, Barberries , Rose flower , Rose water, Dates, Dates syrup, dried Dates and Pistachios are among the various local and organic products that are significant for their taste and quality worldwide : the taste of Persia.





Just Best Food Products

Just Best Food brand has a long life span. Just Best Food offers the most prominent products of our country with this brand. Our consumers always have a unique memory from this brand name and support the products of this collection, as they have trust in the ultimate quality of them.


The most precious and costly spice that finds its origin in Iran. The magic of highest grade Saffron which is the product of Iran not only lies in its taste and color for food and drinks but also has various usages in pharmaceutical and fragrance industries.

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The evergreen shrubs’ berry with diversity of species around the world , which is called “Zereshk” in Iran. Nature’s gift rich in vitamin C with vast culinary and medicinal usages. Desirable cultivation environment put Iran as the largest producer of this valuable fruit with the best spectrum of tastes!

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Rose flower

The fine fragrance of the flower and its by-products : rose water , rose oil and the dried flowers have made it one of the most significant and symbolic flowers of the world. Native to central mountain chains of Iran - Alborz , and its cultivation goes back to the Achaemenian time. Some central regions in Iran have varieties of the flower with incomparable quality and fragrance. The calming effect of rose water, the widespread use of it in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are among the rose’s spectrum of valuable usages.

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Experience an Organic and Unsurpassed Purchase


As a desert plant Pistachio is tolerant of saline(salty) soil and its temperature survival range is: -10 °C in winter to +48 °C at summer. Sun, dry weather and well drained soil are the essential elements for the high grade plant production in terms of quality and quantity-the elements that made Iran the largest producer and exporter of pistachio in the world. Proper consumption of the nut because of its vitamins and minerals is associated with good health.
The name "Pistachio" originating from the Persian name of the nut: "Pesteh"

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The edible sweet and odorless fruit - high in nutrient, fiber and antioxidants - which the sugar content of its dried fruit reaches to 75 percent. It’s a staple food of Middle East. Iran is the world’s second largest producer of dates with around 1100 Tons per year (2016). Dates come with about three thousand varieties worldwide among which 400 are cultivated and belong to Iran - the distinctive of Iran is Mazafati dates.

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Tastes of Life

Magic of Persia

Hand to hand,
On the path of national development

Developing the food products at the heart of Iran for worlds consumption of choice
Connecting the world of food of Iran’s inland products to the world market : creating value and adding to life’s tasteful exotic experiences!
Over the time and along with Iran’s economic growth, JUST BEST FOOD has continuously expanded its activities to grow and advance the industry with the goal of supplying, producing and packaging the products in the country.
JUST BEST FOOD Company has always competed in line with national and international standards and has achieved success and honors by utilizing the valuable and long-term experience of managers and experts, the full equipping of the quality control laboratory and conducting the necessary tests to improve the quality of the products.

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