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The most precious and costly spice that finds its origin in Iran. The magic of highest grade Saffron which is the product of Iran not only lies in its taste and color for food and drinks but also has various usages in pharmaceutical and fragrance industries.

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The evergreen shrubs’ berry with diversity of species around the world , which is called “Zereshk” in Iran. Nature’s gift rich in vitamin C with vast culinary and medicinal usages. Desirable cultivation environment put Iran as the largest producer of this valuable fruit with the best spectrum of tastes!

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Rose flower

The fine fragrance of the flower and its by-products : rose water , rose oil and the dried flowers have made it one of the most significant and symbolic flowers of the world. Native to central mountain chains of Iran - Alborz , and its cultivation goes back to the Achaemenian time.

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پسته JUST BEST FOOD از بهترین باغات انتخاب و با فرآوری منحصربفرد؛ آماده‌سازی می‌شود. پسته بدلیل خوش خوراک بودن، از محبوبترین انواع آجیل می‌باشد.

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خرما JUST BEST FOOD از خوش‌طعم‌ترین انواع خرمای ایران است. کمتر کسی را می‌توان یافت پس از خوردن یک دانه از خرما احساس بسیار مطلوبی نداشته باشد.

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